Sunday, 4 August 2013

Fridge Freeezer Clean Up

My Fridge and Freezer are generally organized and I try and keep them clean as much as possible.I do wipe the surfaces every week and mostly use up all my vegetables and fruits. 

This is the picture before the clean up was done.

Three things which are always there in my fridge :-
Peppa Pig and Thomas Yogurt ( Kids Yogurt)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese ( Different varieties each time )
Milk Roll ( Bread)                   
My Freezer is filled with frozen Haldiram’s meals like DaalMakhani / Sandwich Dhokla/ AlooTikkis.
Also there are a couple of Ice- Creams – Angry Bird Lollies / Peppa Pig Milk Bites / Plain Vanilla Icecream
I have also frozen DaalMakhani and Paneer with Spring Onions made by me to be used in those evenings when I will be no mood to cook.

 Three things which are always there in my freezer :-
Green Peas – This is the only vegetable which is in my freezer all year around. My son takes them in his school lunch bag everyday.
Paneer – Always have paneer in my freezer – either a slab of it or cubed. One of my staple ingredients when some guests are dropping by.
The most unusual item in my fridge would be Green chillies in brine – I bought them to make Mexican Casserole. I have used quite a lot of it. But it is still there and I need to finish it soon as it has got quite old now.
Another item which I bought was Bombay Sandwich Chutney – I bought it on a whim and I knew it will take ages to finish. Thanks to my perseverance it is now finished. I have used generously on my cucumber sandwiches which I take daily to work.
Here is the picture after the clean up and organization was done.